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About Us

Rooted deeply in a rich legacy of Gospel music, Ron & Evelyn Snider, and Terena Grice teamed up in 2012 to form Vocal Legacy, a Southern Gospel trio best known for their strong harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. Their passion and desire is to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Vocal Legacy continues to expand their ministry territory beyond their home base in the Westport area to encompass Southern Ontario and beyond.

Following the highly successful release of their debut album 'TAKE ONE' in 2018, the group returned to the studio in preparation for their 2020 'DOIN' WHAT'S RIGHT' TOUR in support of their newest album of the same name. The new release promises to be their best ever!  


With musical influences such as The Martins, Brian Free & Assurance, The Ball Brothers, The Isaacs, Karen Peck and New River, and the McKameys, Vocal Legacy is a group you will want to follow for sure!

Joy, grace, and gratitude - a common theme found in every concert leaves audiences glad that they came!


Ron ​​has been actively involved in Gospel music for most of his life. Music can bring excitement and joy and can move and inspire like nothing else can! Ron's goal as he sings is to experience worship along with the audience and to share in God's presence. He states "What a thrill it is to know Him and be a part of this team, sharing and spreading His joy!" 

​Ron Snider 

​​Evelyn's desire to make each day count for God and her passion for people and music has led her to be a part of Vocal Legacy. Her clear harmony vocals and live keyboard talents add a unique and distinct dimension to the group's sound. Evelyn is thrilled to be sharing in music ministry alongside her husband Ron and their good friend Terena.  

Evelyn Snider  
​Terena Grice  

Terena's love for music took root when she received her first guitar at a very early age. It wasn't long before she discovered her voice and passion for singing. Teaming up with Vocal Legacy in 2012 proved to be a pivotal moment in her musical journey. As a soloist, learning to harmonize for the first time was 'music' to her ears! Her love for God and her desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others is at the very centre of this singer's heart. 

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